The Electric Image Express – A Father’s Son, Shanghai Kiss, Asian Father roles (Warrior) with Patrick Chen, Perry Yung and Hon Hoang

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    Director Patrick Chen and Actor Perry Yung join Sean and Hon Hoang to talk about their upcoming film A Father’s Son: A 90’s Chinatown Noir Thriller based on the character’s from Henry Change’s Jack Yu crime novels. Kickstarter Patrick and Perry are long time filmmaking veterans. You can find some of Patrick’s shorts here: (I personally like Love Express the most bc surprise surprise, it reminds me of Wong Kat Was) Love Express Underneath The Grey Sonnet 48 And you probably know Perry Yung as Father Jun in Warrior. He Also plays the protagonist’s dad in Eddie Huang’s new movie Boogie.

    Notes: 1) Patrick’s history, how he got into filmmaking, and how that ties into A Father’s Son () 2)

    His opinion on East Coast/West Coast life as an Asian filmmaker. () 3) Western and Eastern movies that most inspired Patrick before we deep dive into a cult classic: Shanghai Kiss, () which is a surprisingly deep and thoughtful movie, and definitely underrated. 4) Thoughts on the recent growth in Asian American opportunities on screen and behind the camera, and how social media has helped Asian American creatives () 5) Perry joins at () and shares how he met Patrick and joined A Father’s Son 6) Perry gives insight into his new string of roles playing the “bad”/strict Asian Father in Warrior, Boogie, and A Father’s Son () 7) Perry answers Hon’s question on compartmentalizing similar roles with different experiences/lives and create new ones () 8) Patrick shares how he pitched A Father’s Son with a special shout out to the late Corky Lee () 9) Perry and Patrick share advice they’d give to their younger selves, or any young Asian American creatives out there. () Links to donate/educate/organize to stop AAPI hate provided by Patrick:

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