The Electric Image Express – The Wong Kar-Wai Experience with Hon Hoang

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    In Episode #28, we FINALLY get to the Wong Kar-Wai episode! Hon Hoang, photographer and director, joins me to talk about my favorite (and I suspect, one of his favorite) directors and his movie Fallen Angels. Hon starts by sharing his journey to become a visual artist () and where he gets inspiration for his stories. At (), we start revisiting Fallen Angels. I asked Hon to pick a WKW movie to revisit, so at () he explains why, and how it encouraged him to break the rules of photography and filmmaking. At (), I ask Hon as an Asian American filmmaker, if the WKW style has any limits in the visually different landscape of America vs. Asia. At the end, () I introduce a new segment where I show Hon 5 stills from the movie and ask him to react to the characters, cinematography, and more, including some really fascinating theories on Blondie and the Assassin’s amnesia!

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