Born in the vibrant heart of Vietnam and nurtured amid the eclectic energy of Los Angeles, Hon Hoang is a storyteller who defies convention. A graduate of UCLA with a degree in Psychology, a foundation that now infuses his captivating work in photography and film. With a genuine fascination for people and their diverse cultures, Hon’s lens captures humanity’s profound intricacies.


His keen interest in human psychology and culture weaves a compelling thread through his visual storytelling. Through the lens of his camera and the direction of his films, Hon seeks to capture the essence of humanity, exploring the intricate interplay between our past and future selves.


In Hon’s lens, you’ll find an enchanting tapestry of humanity, where the past and future intertwine in a dance of existential inquiry. His short films, such as “Calling,” “Taciturn Tango,” and “Fall With Me,” gently navigates the maze of uncertainty of emotions and events we often experience.


With “Calling” earning the Best Short Film accolade at ECAASU 2021 and the Audience Award at Viet Film Fest 2021 and the Audience Award at Viet Film Fest 2022 for Breakdown. Hon Hoang’s artistry is an refraction of his Vietnamese American experience, a journey through cultural nuances, and a reflection of the human spirit’s eternal quest for identity and purpose.

He is currently working as a freelancer and on various photography projects such as EnFlight.Design and Asia Photo Review


EnFlight.Design is a web site devoted to the production, publication, and education in photography, design and cinema.


Asia Photo Review is a community to showcase the best photography being produced from Asia and Asian photographers around the world. Its goals are to promote honest reflection of these countries and the stories the inhabitants have to tell.


In between films, projects, and photoshoots, he tries to fill in gaps with moments in street photography. Walking around Los Angeles or wherever he might be traveling, trying to capture beautiful moments within what seems to be a gritty landscape.


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